Software Center

    UbuntuCE utilizes its own repository for the UbuntuCE specific packages.


    The UbuntuCE Software Center will allow you to easily set up your system with these applications, and branding that comes with UbuntuCE. It will also allow you to install many other software packages that have been vetted for UbuntuCE.

    UbuntuCE Software Center

    Already running Ubuntu 22.04? Use the instructions below to set up UbuntuCE.

    Note: UbuntuCE only supports the latest LTS.

    So you will need to be running Ubuntu 22.04 in order to use the UbuntuCE Repo.

    Add UbuntuCE Repo & UbuntuCE Software Center

    Add UbuntuCE Repo Key

    wget && gpg --output ubuntuce.gpg --dearmor KEY.gpg && sudo mv ubuntuce.gpg /usr/share/keyrings/ && rm KEY.gpg

    Add UbuntuCE Repo

    sudo apt install curl -y && sudo curl -s --compressed -o /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntuce-jammy.list ""

    Update Packages

    sudo apt update

    Install UbuntuCE Software Center

    sudo apt install ubuntu-ce-software-center -y

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